Based on the movie STALKER, Parties are for losers is a vocaloid series that follows the story of several good-for-nothing slavic teens as they struggle for control over their own lives. The cast lives in a city that borders the anomalous Zone: a modestly sized territory with entirely unknown properties. The Zone was created in an unspecified catastrophic event around 50 years before the story takes place. Tresspassing into the zone is punished harshly, but the threat doesnt stop "stalkers" from making a living off of guiding people through the dangerous territory. Prolonged exposure to the Zone, often experienced by stalkers, typically causes mutations in offspring. These children's mutations can vary from simple physical anomalies to grotesque supernatural powers, and dangerous or scientifically interesting mutants are frequently abducted and studied at a large research facility resting on the very edge of the zone.

The medium of PAFL as a song series provides the opportunity for an extremely unique method of storytelling, and Ferry hits the nail right on the head. When experiencing PAFL for the first time, the most adviseable method to understand everything is to read the lore doc's introduction, then to watch each MV and read it's accompanying segment. The beauty of PAFL is how dense a single song can be, and the lore doc is Ferry's way of making sure the viewer understood everything they were trying to communicate in each one. Pafl is an extremely cyclical series, and the songs and events are so interconnected that it's almost impossible to comprehensively analyze them one-by-one in the order that ferry releases them in. That's why the summary in this webshrine will follow a (vaguely) chronological timeline, hopefully touching on events that may seem innocuous to the average PAFL viewer.

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