Hello! My name is Laivan, I use he/it pronouns, and this webshrine is my baby. My son. It has awoken maternal instincts withn me. I've been working on it pretty much from scratch since 7/13/2022 and it's grown so much since I started it. At first this shrine started out as a place to keep track of official PAFL art, but it quickly grew into much more. This is what the old version of the shrine looked like. I've been invested in PAFL for around a year as of writing this. The first song I witnessed the release of was Comfort Zone, and I can remember exactly where I was and what I was doing as each song came out afterwards. This website is a testament to my love for pafl, an absolutely brilliant series by an amazing artist and songwriter. Amatuer coding isn't the only thing I do, however, so feel free to take a look at all the PAFL fanart I've made below.

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